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Political Ideology of Blackface


not a plastic bag
White people wearing black face is back in the news. I can't help but notice a pattern:
Justin Trudeau, Tiny Fey, Jimmy Fallon, Ralf Northam(gov of Virginia), Jimmy Kimmle, Ted Dansen, Howard Stern....
With the exception of Fallon, these people are all in your face, proud liberals.
I find the whole thing odd. It's something that is obviously offensive and something I've never thought funny.
It's it just me?


Embrace the Suck
Not just you, I don’t find it funny at all. I will say not much offends me. Cinco de Mayo parties have been on the decline because of people wearing sombreros, zarape’s, and fake mustaches. I don’t see what the big deal is or how it’s offensive. I can see how black face is a little worse than that, but I don’t find it funny at all anyway.


Secret Agent
Staff member
It’s weird because the left is eating the left on this issue. It’s not like we’re talking about Jon Voight or Mel Gibson wearing blackface even (as far as I know, they haven’t).

It’s offensive because it is often done as a way of making fun of Black people. But what about when it’s not? Take Tropic Thunder for example.

Somehow everybody is ok with Robert Downey Jr. doing it in Tropic Thunder, but that was also done more as tongue in cheek and they actually made fun of his character in the movie for doing it. Could he make that film today?

Jamie Foxx seems to think so:

Could a white actor voice a black character in a cartoon though? Or is playing somebody of a different race the core issue? That has come into the spotlight lately:

So what about accents? Is it soon going to be offensive to play a role that requires an accent you don’t normally use because it takes roles away from those with the native accent? John Travolta played a woman on Hairspray. Is that off limits now? Speaking of Mel Gibson, should not have played William Wallace because he’s not Scottish?

Maybe the line will be drawn at race, and I can see the arguments for that. But playing characters of a different gender than your own should certainly should join that discussion.

Interesting things to think about.