Polish president Kaczynski dies in plane crash


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Poland has suffered its worst political disaster since the second world war after its president, Lech Kaczynski, and dozens of top government officials were killed when their plane crashed in thick fog in western Russia this morning.
At least 96 people died when the Tupulov aircraft clipped some trees on its approach to Smolensk airport. It then broke up, killing everyone on board.

Those killed included Kaczynski's wife Maria, the army chief of staff, the head of the national bank, Poland's deputy foreign minister, three members of parliament, and at least two presidential aides, the Polish foreign ministry said.

Kaczynski had been flying to Smolensk to attend the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre, where Soviet secret police executed 15,000 Polish officers in one of the most notorious incidents of the second world war. In a further tragic twist, family members of the Katyn victims were on board the president's plane.

World leaders today paid tribute to Kaczysnki, who was elected in 2005 after defeating Tusk in a presidential vote. He and his twin brother Jaroslaw, a former prime minister who is now in opposition, have dominated Polish politics for the last decade, espousing a national conservative – and often anti-Russian- ideology.

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A further black page in the history of Katyn.. and Poland :disbelief:


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I was just about to post this. Being out all day, I just heard of the tragedy. That's terrible. I wonder how it is over there - what protocols used when they're suddenly orphaned.


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Yeah I just heard this when I got up, that's going to suck for the Poles. Hopefully they can get everything back together quickly or they might risk some political unrest and some violence.


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A horrible tragedy. I hope that Poland will soon be able to overcome it, avoid political unrest and that conspiracy theories will remain a fringe phenomenon.

A bit that I've seen in the news here in Germany was a quote from a former Polish PM who survived a helicopter crash in 2003 and said, even back then, that "at least when we have to gather at a funeral", the decision will be taken to finally renew the outdated official fleet of the Polish government -- maybe a hint the plane was defunct? Or was it human error on side of the pilot? According to claims, the pilot guides on the ground advised the plane not to land because of fog and instead continue towards Minsk.

Maybe the next days will help to bring to the light what went wrong.


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I am reminded of a news article I read just a few days ago, about the German government buying new VIP planes to replace the old (20 years+) ones. In this article was a quote from former Foreign Minister Fischer (Green Party) about how he "has to die in a planecrash before the parliamant would grant the funds for new VIP planes". Sad Sad story. Hopefully they'll be able to recover from this faster then later.


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yes, This was a terrible, terrible loss and tragedy for Poland and it's people... My heart goes out to them and the families who lost their loved ones in the crash.