Police state?

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    I find it hard to understand why Americans do not realize or accept they are going from a Democracy to a Socialist state one law at a time. The problem with Democracy is it puts to much power in the hands of its people and when people abuse this in mass then it is time for a change to take some of this power back is my feelings on these laws or proposals.
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    America is not a Democracy. It's a Republic. A Democracy allows the government to make laws simply because they feel they achieve the means to an end, regardless of personal rights. A Republic relies on a Constitution and personal rights cannot be taken away regardless of whether or not things would be "better off" that way. Here's a brief comparison of the two:

    WikiAnswers - What is difference between a republic and a democracy

    That being said, here are some videos that are a bit scary. Peaceful protesters having their Constitutional right to assemble severely violated:

    YouTube - Police State USA Officially Announced As Elites March Toward World Government

    And those who did not leave were hit with this:

    YouTube - Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) G20 Pittsburgh
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    Did they have a right to assemble then and there? I looked it up briefly on Google, and couldn't find anything one way or the other.
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    From what I could tell it was simply a matter of the crowd getting "too big". The authorities closed it down as a preemptive solution, but with no real reason *as far as I could tell*.

    Certainly one would be of that opinion from just watching the video.
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    I didn't get that impression - I got the impression that the whole thing was vague (possibly left out deliberately by whoever posted the film?).

    Police in America do some stupid things. Usually, though, you can't find dozens of them who are willing to calmly do something stupid when they know they're being taped (it's different in the heat of the moment). Especially when they're operating under authority from the Secret Service. Not to mention the lack of any sort of real public outcry.
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    I saw G20 in the title, and that made it pretty clear right away. How far does the constitutional right to assemble go when there's a pretty self-evident connection between a building crowd and a falling mob-IQ? As the crowd gets bigger, so does the likelihood of violent riots. Exponentially. And I don't mean pushing-a-couple-people-around-and-a-cat-got-stepped-on violent, I mean leveling-city-blocks-and-killing-people violent.

    And I'm getting a little sick of people turning cops into twisted political tools; most of them just want nothing more than to keep person and property safe and secure. It's their job, and they do it as best they can. They make a split-second decision, and then we the painfully naive, inexperienced, and completely uninvolved on the opposite side of the continent analyze and analyze and analyze and analyze and analyze --> If they let a mob burn the city to oblivion, they're inept and should be punished. If they do something about before it becomes too late to do something about it, it's a constitutional violation; they're inept and should be punished. Frankly, I don't think there's a more thankless job in the universe than being a cop in North America.
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    I'm sure you heard about the G20 in Toronto, Pretz. If you guys watch some of the highlights of the Protestors destroying the city, then you should know how much descruction they did to the city of Toronto. Vandilism, torching cop cars on fire, destroying public property, you name and they did.

    Trust me, I thought the protestors deserved everything they got from the officers. I work for the RCMP, so I heard all the "real" stories that happened at Summit. Those protestors/holligans took advantage of a situation, and if they got hurt then I don't feel bad about them.
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