Police Scanners


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Do any of you have one?

I used to have one but got rid of it. For any of you who dont know what it is, a police scanner is just a radio with an output only function on a police frequency. You can listen in to what the Police are doing via the Radio and Cars.


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I don't have one, but I think they are probably kinda neat, I just don't see myself using it more than once to just see what it is like.


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Na, never been that nosey to know what goes on in the city. I usually can just walk my neighborhood and get all the police action I could ever want.


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How much are they? I have never had one but it sounds like it would be a cool thing to have, if not simply for a conversation starter. :lol:


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Is it something you can easily buy? I'd get one if I'm planning to do something naughty, just to find out if the police are after me. Of course I don't know how those things work anyway. I assume it's like a radio with the same feed police get in their cars while driving (or it looks like that in the movies, haha).


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I've never heard of that in the UK. I could be wrong though as I'm not a driver. It's a cool idea and I'd definitely get one if I did drive and if they were available here!


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You know I have some walkie talkies that are multi channel I might be able to pick something up on because I can get the truckers channel 18 clear


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I've scanned through a few channels before to try and decode their lingo. Police channels would be downright impossible to understand though.


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I've played around with one before, they are interesting to say the least. If I had one though I would probably use it once and never look at it again though. :p