Police release report of Chris Brown's attack on Rihanna

Discussion in 'Offbeat News' started by Merc, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Merc

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    FYI, this is some disturbing stuff and there is a picture of Rhianna after the beating on the page I'm going to link to. Don't read this if you're eating, it's pretty nasty.

    411mania.com: Music - Stunning Police Report Of Chris Brown's Attack On Rihanna Released

    If it were up to me, he'd get a minimum 100-year sentence. preferably a gas chamber. I just can't begin to fathom how someone could so brutally and viciously beat someone they claim to love and care about without assuming they have some deeply-rooted mental issues that cannot be fixed. I cringed while reading this and it's absolutely disturbing that he's not facing more severe charges after reading this.

  2. Twitch

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    Looking at the picture, and reading the report, I feel like she lied about how much be beat her.

    She doesn't look as bad as comnstant punches to her face and arms, bites to her ears and fingers..

    I definitely think he did it, just not to that extent.
  3. Merc

    Merc Certified Shitlord V.I.P. Lifetime

    Maybe you and I didn't read the same report.

    What do you mean she lied about how much he beat her? Did you even read how much brutality was involved here?
  4. Twitch

    Twitch Registered Member

    I mean that I don't think he beat her as much as the report says. How was the report written? Was there other witnesses, or was it Rihanna's word?
  5. Konshentz

    Konshentz Konshentz

    That's what I was thinking.

    And even worse, there were rumors of her wanting to get back with him. Dumb as ass.
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  6. Merc

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    It was the police report, meaning all the info the cops could gather from the scene.
  7. Twitch

    Twitch Registered Member

    But unless people on the street saw Chris Brown doing this to Rihanna, it's her word about what he said and did.
  8. Mihael_langley

    Mihael_langley Formerly "Maikeru"

    Does it make a difference whether he beat her as much or not?

    Doesn't she look bad enough in the picture?
  9. Merc

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    Have you read anything about Chris Brown denying any of it?


    The fact that he hasn't fought the police report should be proof enough. As a matter of fact, if you read that whole article and the police report linked in it, you'd know that Brown said he felt sorry for what he did and immediately offered to help and make things right which to me, is basically a guilty plea.

  10. AnitaKnapp

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    She was assaulted, that is the only point. Who cares if it was as much or not. It happened.

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