Police; Policing themselves


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Alright, not sure on how many people here know what the RCMP is, but it's a policing organization here in Canada. Google it if you want more information.

Now one big issue that is currently going on with this organization is that the CPC (Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP) doesn't want the RCMP to investage their own officers that are involved in murder, sexual assault ect.

The the Commisioner of the RCMP came out with these statements.

The RCMP is in the business of policing, so why shouldn't it police itself?

It is inevitable that the RCMP will be involved in investigations of it's own officers' conduct where other review mechanisms are not available - particularly in remote areas where other polices forces are nowhere near.
Now with all this being said, you believe police have the right to police themselves?



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I think it's almost impossible to be objective when you are policing your own co-workers. So I think a best-case scenario would be to find an outside organization to police them.

It's kind of the same with Internal Affairs here in the US. I'm not 100% sure that they are objective all the time (both in being too lenient or being too harsh).


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I think it's quite simple. The RCMP is corrupt, otherwise no sane person would argue that there is nothing wrong with policing themselves. And Canada needs an organization to do the policing for the RCMP.

No one punishes themselves.


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It IS possible for an organization to fairly police themselves. The US military does a very good job of it, with their MP, IG, JAG, etc. But it helps that the military has large numbers of professional lawyers, police officers, etc. Also, the military is large enough that we can avoid conflicts of interest. You don't want a murder investigation being done by somebody who works closely with the soldier, but instead, someone who hasn't met the soldier, and can hopefully be neutral.

Also, it seems better to have the Mounties police themselves than to not have them be policed at all.