Police car chases

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  1. Vidic15

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    This idea for the thread came from the fiery police chase that resulted in a car being blown up.

    I am strongly against police car chases as it can be both destructive for the both sides, Australian police were told if they get into a police chase, that they should abandon the chase as it would result in either the driver or the police officers involved into serious injuries or death if anything happened.

    What are your views on police car chases?

  2. viLky

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    It's a guilty pleasure for me to watch them. I don't want any people to get hurt - innocent or guilty, but I always want some cool ending like a car turning upside down or whatnot. When they just give up it's really anti-climatic.

    I think the police should end them faster by either fishtailing them or shooting the driver with a beanbag. Something to show that they are serious and mean business. The latter might just make him more upset... Hmm... Well, fishtailing him early and blowing out his tires are good options to avoid any civilian injuries.

    There's also many cases where the police could end the case, but choose not to. I'm curious why they let the chase continue when they have the opportunity to end it. Oh, and what's the deal with the 15 other police cars joining it? What a waste. =D
  3. dDave

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  4. Xeilo

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    I will admit as well I like to watch, but I also think that to some extent they should be done. There should be a set speed limit to what the police should chase before they call it off for being too dangerous.
  5. LauraJane

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    Talking from experience. I dont like the way police handle car chases aswell as most other things. Been the passenger i had no control, and ALOT of people were in danger, but they did not call the chase off until they had us.
  6. Vidic15

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    Mind me for asking, but what was the reason of you actually getting involved in this car chase? And you've just mentioned yourself that a LOT of people were in danger, wouldn't it have been smart enough of the driver and yourself to give yourself up before you actually kill someone or even maybe yourself. Not all speed chase culprits get away, the odds were against you.
  7. Merc

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    It makes you wonder with electric cars being the near future of automobiles (apparently) if the police will soon be equipped with EMP weaponry, you know, to shut down the car their chasing rather than be forced to crash into it?

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