Police Brutality?

I put a question mark in the title because of this video:

YouTube - Beat down at Walmart in Columbus, Ohio 08/01/2009
If you can't view the video I'll explain it. A lady was walking around a Wal-Mark parking lot with a knife. This lady is around 80 years old and when the police came, one of them threw her to the ground. Mind you, she - the 80 something years old lady - still had the knife when the officer approached her. After that, you have people around her screaming police brutality.

Ok, I watched the video and I saw what happened. I see zero, nada, absolutely NO police brutality in this video. I don't see why every time an officer does something people scream police brutality - especially when it's so clear it's not. I know that police brutality happens, in fact, I've seen a video of a cop kicking a suspect that was down on the ground. However, it's funny that it's now a trend to scream police brutality every time an officer does anything. Heck, the officer could be defending herself and people will still say police brutality. Amazing...

Now, there are a few points each side has made that I've read in the YouTube comments.

People who say this is police bruality:
o-- She is an 80 something year old lady. What can she do?
o-- She is black, and of course, every time police get aggressive with a black person people will say police brutality. Even in this video you hear them mention the officers by race.
o-- The officer walked up to her knowing she had a knife in her hand.

People who say this is NOT police brutality:
o-- She had a knife
o-- The officer told her repeatedly to put it down.
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I think it is.

I understand she had a knife, but she honestly was no threat at all. There was absolutely no need to throw her to the ground.

Now if it was someone who was walking around going psycho and shit, shot them, fuck it.. or if the only thing you can do is take them down, do it.. but there was no need to throw her down.

..probably broke a hip or something too..

..and I just watched it again, and her head was fucking busted wide open. That's just unnecessary.
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After watching the video, it certainly seems the officer could have pulled the knife out of the ladies hands or otherwise subdued her without any problem, and without throwing her to the ground like that. I'm sure the officer was simply acting as she was trained to, but given the age of the lady, the officer could have exercised better judgement.


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Judgment is the key word when it comes to police brutality.

9 times out of 10, people are wrong when they call PB, the other 1 time it's genuine. People are simply too quick to call it because we've been trained over time to see police as villains, as suppressors, racists, and overall bad people.


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I usually give police pretty broad discretion, afterall, what we see is just a fraction of what happened, and they've been in situations the general public hasn't been in. They HAVE to be prepared as if every situation is a life or death situation.

That being said, this does look like the officer went too far. It appears that it could have been handled differently.


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I do not see it as Brutality either. The officer could not tell the Lady was Genuinely 80ish (it could easily have been a person Pretending to be old, but how was the officer to know that?) Assuming the officer knew the woman was actually 80, she had no idea of her physical prowess (again, the cane could easily be a simple disguise or just some show piece the lady had, not an actual walking assiss)
Then the woman did not yield to the officers demand to put down the knife, albeit she may have been deaf, though the officer was very loud.
However, this was a poor show of judgement on the officers part. she could easily have disarmed the woman without bashing her like that


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Some of these things are ridiculous. Like the videos of security guards beating skateboarders, even if they are leaving when told.
In my opinion, this is not police brutality but protocol. This is what they are trained to do in situations like this regardless of the persons age, sex, creed or ethnicity.
We cannot assume the woman was harmless. She had a knife and most likely intended to use it if she felt it necessary.

You'll be surprised what the elderly can do. I used to volunteer at an aged care facility and let me tell you DON'T EVER underestimate the elderly.