Police blame the Internet for rise in rape cases

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    Source: Charlotte police blame the Internet for rise in rape cases | McClatchy

    Funny part of the article:

    What I'm most concerned about is:
    This is truly sad. Victims would seriously consider NOT going to the hospital due to being low on funds? That's just terrible. I'm glad the N.C. RVAP reimburses the staff, however I think it would be better if it was tax payers who would take it in their own hands to cover the whole cost. These are the people we need to be helping, not building a 300+ million dollar bridge.

  2. Merc

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    See, it's hard because the money has to come from somewhere so someone is going to pay for the rape kit.

    I can agree with the general sentiment that rape is easier with the advent and power of the net, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing, it just means that people need to teach themselves to be safe and careful.
  3. Tucker

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    The police are covering their asses. National forcible rape crime numbers actually FELL between 1996-2005, roughly the timeline of the Internet explosion. I would like to hear, if Internet access is generating offenders, how the cops account for this annoying little datum.
  4. Merc

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    Well to be fair, online dating has skyrocketed beginning around 04 and keeps rising. I haven't heard any recent numbers regarding rape but I'd imagine the trend you mentioned has probably continued. I think these guys may be trying to point out that rape may be easier, not necessarily that numbers are rising.
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    These topics get to me so much, aswell as most others im sure. People always wonder why are there rapists? if parents didnt rape their kids and bring them up to think its ok so they'll grow up to do it to their kids, if kids were able to talk to their parents, and let them know they've been raped, if everyone could understand rape. If you had to be legally aloud to be a parent and sane, maybe then it wouldnt be in our faces. People just need to be their for their kids so rape wont go onto the next generation. AND if rape convictions were harsher. ALSO if their was no rape in prisons.

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