Police arrest man after he allegedly posts violent anti-cop rant on Youtube


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PHILADELPHIA: Police arrest man after he allegedly posts violent anti-cop rant on Youtube

The Associated Press • June 27, 2008
PHILADELPHIA — A man was arrested after authorities said he posted an Internet video in which he waves a gun and says he rejoices whenever a police officer is shot in the city.

Andre Moore, 44, of West Philadelphia, was in custody Thursday awaiting arraignment on charges of aggravated assault, terroristic threats, corruption of morals of a minor and harassment, said police Lt. John Walker.

In the video posted on YouTube, a man authorities identified as Moore complains about officers in the city's 18th police district in West Philadelphia, calling them ``a bunch of liars'' and saying he rejoices ``whenever they shoot a cop in Philadelphia.''

At another point, he is shown waving a gun and talking about shootings of officers in the city.

``Boom! ... When you shoot the cop, you shoot them dead, OK? Anywhere, head or the heart. That's why the last cops lost their lives,'' he says.

Rallying people to celebrate the shooting of police or pretty much anyone puts a person up front and personal as a potential victim of his or her own idiotic behavior. Not unlike riding a bike too small for you in the middle of the street.

The police could have done much much worse without anyone being the wiser.
But they didn't.


Youtube doesn't let me see the Soupy Sales stripper video and this video is/was O.K."
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Haha stupid fool.. Maybe after a group of 20 cops beats his teeth in he will think about the virtue of this freedom of speech.. 'It hurts less when you keep your mouth shut.'


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I don't really know what to think about this. I want to call freedom of speech and say that he was not doing anything wrong. On the other hand, his threats sound quite ridiculous and pretty hateful. I wouldn't be too pleased if I were the cops either. I mean, he's telling people to kill cops and saying how great it is at the same time. Yeah, I don't know what to think here.


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R1pperZ said:
Maybe after a group of 20 cops beats his teeth in he will think about the virtue of this freedom of speech
Probably not. He'd probably just laugh his ass off when 20 cops got locked up for assault and battery, while he got to go free (the charges brought against him are all bullshit, like I said) and sue the city for damages. The law is the law, after all.


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Those are some bullshit charges. That's all I have to say about that.

Arresting a guy for this is about the same as arresting a guy for quoting Bible verses against homosexuals or someone holding a anti-government sign on the side of the street.

I don't see it as a slipperly slope argument. There's no slope here, just a flat plain. If it can happen to this guy it can happen to you if someone in power doesn't like what you are saying.


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Well, the stupidity here is astounding. The guy deserves to sit in the cage for that, but the Philadelphia police have thought themselves to be above the law for a very long time now. While I understand they have lost friends in the line of duty, the list of cumulative charges is a reach. His message is vile and perpetuates violence, but I'm sure he isn't the only ass on the internet spewing moronic hate.

If he is stuck with a public defender I bet he eats everyone of those charges too.
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