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Police and killer robots

Should bomb robots be an option?

  • Yes

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  • No

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  • Only as a last resort.

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Registered Member
What happened in Dallas was the first time in US history that a robot took out a shooter. It was a Northrop Grumman tactical robot that was about 2' tall, 2' wide, 4' long and weighed 260 pounds. The front and rear articulators allow it to manage stairs and rugged terrain and it was carrying C4 plastic explosive.

The police claim it was a last resort in the Dallas shooting but it raises new legal issues.
Who's responsible if a robot malfunctions and takes out a bystander?
Will shooting a robot be a federal offense?
How common will the use of the robots become in the future?

What's your take on this and do you think the bomb robots should be an option?
Please discuss.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Well while I hope we don't make this a common thing in this case I don't see how the police had any choice. They tried to get him to come out and give himself up but refused. If they had sent officers in after him more could have been killed and probably would have been.

Pictured: Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, who shot 12 cops in Dallas

If the robot accidentally kills an innocent bystander the police will be held responsible. Probably ever who is controlling the robot.