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Polar Bears now eating Dolphins


Free Spirit
Staff member
Polar bears have been spotted eating dolphins in the Arctic for the first time ever by Norwegian scientists, who believe global warming could have caused the bears to expand their diet.

From the looks of the bear in the picture he has been missing a lot of meals. You can see his ribs even with that heavy coat. When desperate you will eat anything even if its not your favorite. I have a feeling they will eat most kinds of meat rather than starve to death.

I hope global warming doesn't cause these bears to go extinct. If the looks of this bear is any indication that could very well happen.



Registered Member
That's an alarming sign of the shift in climate.

I fear for the polar bears. Either they'll become extinct or they'll be reduced to the bear equivalent of vagrancy, living wandering lives, raiding trash cans and the like just to survive.

You have to say, with the receding ice cap in the summer, the North Pole route for shipping is going to come into being, it's inevitable.
And that will also inevitably bring pollution and disruption to the delicate eco-system.

I lived by the English Channel for many years, they weren't supposed to, but the number of ships who flushed their tanks ... and the amount of rubbish that got washed up, having been chucked over the side.
So, an ill omen ...


Free Spirit
Staff member
Besides the bear's survival I have to fear for anyone living around a starving Polar Bear. I bet its freaky living in Churchill Manitoba the Polar Bear capital of the world. The bears seem to be hanging around there longer waiting for the ice to freeze.


In some area's the polar bear is still thriving but its just a matter of time before that changes if warming trends continue.