Polamalu and Fitzgerald both injured Madden Curse is real


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Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald fall victim to the madden curse apparently.

(AP) -Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu injured his left knee late in the first half against Tennessee on Thursday night and was ruled out for the rest of the game.

Mike Tomlin said that the initial diagnosis on the Polamalu injury is knee injury.

"It's an MCL sprain. The [doctors] are reading the scans and so forth. Those things have a range of three to six [weeks to heal], but it's speculation at this point," Tomlin said.

Tomlin also acknowledged there is the possibility the injury could be worse after further testing.

"I'm sure there is a possibility of it [being worse], but I don't have any concrete evidence that there is anything more than that," he said.

However the injury bug seems to be spreading, the Arizona Cardinals' star receiver Larry Fitzgerald appeared to injure himself during Friday's practice. Fitzgerald was running simple route drills with Kurt Warner, and is reported to have landed "awkwardly when jumping for a catch."

Ken Whisenhunt stated that the initial diagnosis on the Fitzgerald injury is a pulled hamstring.

When asked how man weeks Fitzgerald could miss Whisenhunt responded, "You don't mess around with hamstring injuries. We are going to approach this cautiously he could be out 3-4 weeks."
Polamalu exits Steelers opener with knee injury - NFL News - FOX Sports on MSN

Thoughts on both players that were on the cover of madden missing the beginning of the season? I think it only reaffirms the madden curse.
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Jesus Christ, will it ever end?

They should just outlaw the Madden games...this is ridiculous.

Sucks for Fitzgerald fantasy owners hahaha