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Poker legend dies at 56 :(


Secret Agent
Staff member
I haven't watched enough poker to know who he is so I feel like I missed out now. Hopefully his family is doing well and I wish them the best.


blue 3
I can't belive Chip died! I really really enjoyed watching him as a player, and I learned a lot from him. I credit him for my entire first semester of college. (He taught me how to play ;)) He was a class act for Poker, this bites.


Heavy Weapons Guy
That's too bad. Looks like plenty of people loved him (even some who game him lots of their chips). I've heard of him before, but I don't watch poker all that much, except when the world series is on, in which case I might.


not a plastic bag
Maybe its just me, but I found it impossible to read that article without humming "The Gambler" song by Kenny Rogers. I mean didn't that guy's life just seem like the perfect personification of that song. Seemed like a cool guy, definitely.


Registered Member
that sucks a lot! he was such a good player and apparently one of the richest players according to andy bloch