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How many poker chips do you need to play GF Mafia? If there is a forum already addressing this issue please direct me to it.


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You need 100 schips to play in mafia. I think the next maifa game has started already though, so you'll have to wait till the next one starts. So, start saving up those chips and go read through some of the older mafia games to learn how to play. And you can play in the next game.

This is the mafia section:
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Not sure when the next game will start considering the current game JUST started yesterday. If you would have made this post 24 hours ago you'd be in the current game. :(


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Mafia 5 has already started. It started yesterday I believe. Mafia 6 will start sometime after 5 has finished. However long that'll take I don't know. Sometimes mafia is over in a week or sometimes in takes a month you'll just have to wait and see.

Edit: Damn, I hate when that happens.