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GameBoy Advance Pokemon Ruby/Shappire/Emerald


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Pokemon Ruby/Shappire/Emerald

Pokemon is a game where you start in your house in a very small town. You go to a lab and get your own little pokemon after you save professor birch from a very small pokemon that isn't scary at all or a threat and he was just frightened. Cut to the chase. You get your own pokemon, some poke balls. You try to catch other pokemons and try to get their information on your pokedex by seeing/catching them all. You will have to trade with people that have other versions of the game to get all the pokemon.

Emerald includes the Battlefrontier which is a pretty big edition.

So if you want a game to spend several hours on, exploring mountains, caves, plains, catching pokemon and collecting data. You can also play minigames and contests.

There is a special wirless adapter that can connect to others with wirless adapters. You can fight,chat,and do alot of other things.

So if you want a good game where you can catch cute little pokemon, explore, trade, and maybe even connect and make new friends with pokemon ruby/shappire/emerald.

Also my friend is a expert emerald player and will release some articles about it.
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