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Does anyone else on here collect Pokemon Cards. I dont play the game I just collect them. Seems interesting. If you do then thats cool.


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Ha, not for many years. I still have a lot from when I was a kid; I built up a fair old collection (not insane, just enough to be proud of as a kid :p), they're still knocking about here somewhere. I remember my little brother wanted them, and I was like "....:stare: No." As stupid as it might sound, I just couldn't give them away after all the effort I'd taken to collect them, lol. :lol:
I still have mine from when I was a kid too :D Me and my brother both collected them. We'd open our little packs and give eachother/swap cards based on the fact that he wanted all the good-in-battle ones and I wanted all the cute ones.

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I have another question. How do you tell if they are fake. I took the light test. I put the cards up to both a window and lamp. I could see through them, but barely. I could barely see the other side compared to the one card I had that I could clearly see through. Also on some of the cards the yellow outline on one side is wider than the yellow on the side. Alot of them are like that though.

Also does anyone know the best online site for buying cards. Ive been collecting all of the old ones and I am looking for Blastoise and Venusaur.


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I'll tell you one thing though, I never knew how to actually play it. No-one I knew did, we just collected the ones that were strong and swapped them around. :hah: I'm not sure that I had a favourite, really. :hmm: I'll have to have a look through them and try and remember. :lol:
Simple childhood things that actually made school fun. I collected every water card I could find. This one guy knew how to play it, the layout was too confusing to bother learning.


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People still collect them?

Stop while you can... Please... I went through a little phase where I had to have them. I have tons of them, and my parents paid for every bit of it. I feel so terrible. It's an incredible waste of money.

This was always my favourite >>

Aww me, too! I love Cubone. Best (and cutest!) Pokemon ever.
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I use to collect them and Yu-gi-oh cards like they were going out of style back when I was little. If I posted them on E-Bay and some hardcore collector found them, I'd make thousands of dollars I have so many.