Pogo Boots


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YouTube - Guy jumps around wearing pogo boots

anyone know wher ei can get these, or at least a website to check these out. Ever since seeing them on Modern MArvels I have been fascinated with them. The funny thing is, on the show they said that they are working to be able to allow a person run at 25 mph without breaking a sweat, and i'm like "Holy fuck, those would be good for commuters!" sorry, just wondering where to find these


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Google "pogo boots". It looks like some are as cheap as $100, while others are as expensive as $500. And yes, it says you can go 20 MPH on them, although I wouldn't suggest it, unless you have protective equipment.
Is it sad that all I could think about while they were flippin around is "I hope he falls."

Anyway those things look pretty freaking entertaining.


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It looks like it's really easy to fall and break your neck.

But, it does look like a ton of fun, I think I'd like to try something like this one day.

I remember as a kid I had 2 pogo sticks and I loved those things a ton (still have one of them somewhere) I liked to jump around in the street, jump around the house, up and down the block, etc.

It was a lot of fun.