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    These poems are all connected in series. I've really taken the whole road of life thing and expanded on it. I decided to throw in some imagery and, this is what I've come up with.

    During the time, I was pretty much at the end of my relationship with my significant other. This will pretty much bring you through the events of it all, without really talking much about it, from breakup to closure.

    My Tunnel

    It's not the Lincoln or the Rolland
    Nor the midtown or the battery
    Nor between First and Bedford
    Not between Clark and Wall
    Or Bowling Green and Borough Hall
    My tunnel is longer than those all

    My tunnel carries my hopes, my dreams
    My mistakes, my misfortunes
    My aspirations and inspirations
    as well as my trials and tribulations
    Side by side
    Filed in 2 lanes
    Doing 35 to keep these dreams alive

    As I reach the light at the end of the tunnel, what will lay ahead?
    Another road or an end that is dead?
    Exit only or merge ahead?
    Or just an offramp with the traffic light at red?
    As I watch the lights go by as I hold my head high
    Ready to tap the brakes to give you just enough space
    God knows that I'll get out of it someday
    But for now, this is where I am today
    As I drive this not so lonesome road
    Yea, this is my tunnel
    Let's see what happens when I reach the end

    Kennedy Blvd.

    White lights guided by white lines
    35, side by side
    2 by 2
    With only the sound of motors to differentiate it all from a stream
    I pump my brakes one last time

    Reaching the end of the tunnel brings upon a pounding rain
    A pounding rain to slow this stream down
    As I see through the fog, those same signs lay mixed with red
    Brake lights mixed with flashing amber
    As I make my decision between exit only or merge ahead
    Or just an offramp with the traffic light at red?

    I break from the stream to travel a service road less traveled by more people, the Boulevard named after the 35th big cheese of the US
    It's Kinda dark, a little lonely, full of bumps, with just the light of the parallel stream a.k.a. I-95 to guide me
    A guiding light that gives me hope that the traffic jam ahead will let up to allow me to rejoin that stream

    As I look for that guiding light to lead me back I am given opportunity after opportunity to turn away onto another road
    Something smoother, better lit
    But definitely not the same in it's destination
    As I prepare to make another decision
    between the road less traveled which may bring me back to that stream to my destination
    Or to turn away, take another road and see where it leads me
    Until then, I travel this bumpy road while I keep my eye on the red and yellow stream
    Will I u-turn and say, hey, a guy can dream?
    Or will I stick to the service road?
    I'm out of my tunnel but, the journey still continues

    Battery to the Belt

    As I turn my wipers off going down Kennedy
    I am tempted to go back towards those guiding lights
    A flash in the distance signals to me that the road opens up soon
    But traffic ahead isn't budging at all
    Barely any hope
    Barely any room
    So, u-turn I go at the next overpass
    I want to return to my red apple
    My element
    My aesthetic
    Where everybody knows my name
    And everybody still treats me the same
    As I go back towards the mouth of Lincoln
    To choose between the FDR or the Joey D.
    To get back to that place, oh how safe I felt
    To get the Battery to the Belt

    As I dry off the tears from my windshield
    As Lincoln finally throws me back up, I'm reunited with my red apple
    Home of the Parkway that runs as fast as Jackie did back in the day
    Where the Far really means Rockaway
    Where The Mott always in your Avenue
    And no matter how many times you change it the channel remains broad

    As I work my way past the glitz and glammer and the chit chatter
    I meet another president
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    Except, he was comprised of 6 lanes of shimmering lights
    So, I join them
    Zoom! At the speed of those lights, I go right passed Midtown
    Right through a neighborhood named after a friend of mine...yes, I mean you Chelsea
    To where the Canal in China somehow wound up on this really huge Island, or is it a city?

    Tap the brakes as my exit comes up
    Time to get a new pack of AA's? Nah, this is a different kind of Battery
    Filled with an orange glimmer as I drive into the tunnel
    Sunkist lights zooming right by
    Looks like I'm driving right through a Fanta bottle
    With a hint of green to let me know that it's safe to go ahead
    2 lanes
    2 by 2
    35 to stay alive
    Except, it's different
    I know where I am going
    They know that I am coming

    Orange lights turn into moonlight as I enter the land of the Kings
    Ordinarily, I'd Keep left to get the so-called expressway to Queens
    But something in the distance still shimmers
    The road home
    As I head towards the buckle of this parkway, I can do nothing but smile
    I see familiar faces
    Familiar names, Hamilton, Sheapshead, Coney, Verrazano
    And then I see this one name in the distance, Avenue Pennsylvania
    I call it, I run towards it
    I take the offramp
    As I slow to a crawl, I realize
    I'm home
    Will I miss the days on the road?
    Most certainly I will
    Will there be another journey?
    There has to be
    Life itself is a journey
    But right now, I will stick to the streets that I know
    I will remain with the Kings that watch over me
    As I remember the good times and the happiness I felt
    I'll tell my kids one day
    What brought me home was the Battery to the Belt

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    Nice peoms ... It is seem so emotion mixed with sad feeling

    Good luck in your writing

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