POEM: I never



I'm new to this site so if this is not where I put my poems..;.; sorry...

I never

I never I've never loved, I don't know how,
i cannot care, not even now
I should not want, I should not ask,
I will not dream a useless task
I am not loved, or either none,
I have no family, I'm all alone
I feel nothing not even pain,
I don't even feel the soft falling rain,
There is no love, there is no lust
But I'll live on that I must,
I never loved I don't know how,
I cannot care not even now,
I do not smile, I only bleed,
I do not cry, I have no need,
I have no hope my life is dark,
In this nightmare, I have enbarked.
I will not cry, I have no tears,
I will no scream, I have no fears,
My heart is empty, my soul is bleak,
I have no voice I cannot speak....