Poem: How it used to be / Como era antes

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    So here I am
    Walking down Wyckoff
    Taking a look at what is now
    iPod in my pocket
    Remembering what was then
    To where my gameboy used to sit in that same spot

    Turn right on Weirfield and you'll see kids playing
    Running, jumping, screaming,
    Johnie pump wide open, cooling everyone down
    Boombox becoming one with the street, one with the rhythm of the block
    Sounds of TKA, Soul Sonic Force, Cynthia all chimming in
    But what catches our attention is this one box, in front of the house with the blue door
    Letting us listen in as Jerry pleads to his beloved
    Diciéndole, "un amor como el nuestro, no debe morir jamas"
    Mientras que la gente bailaba
    All in the midst of a block party
    Dancing to the music
    Smiles all around
    Eating all the good food from whoever cooked it
    Gozando con la gente
    Hablando con los socios
    Haciendo maldades que tienen a la gente muriéndose de la mal riza
    A to'a boca
    A to'a voz
    Asi tiene que ser!
    And then I wake up
    To' tranquilo
    To' callado
    Nadie hablando
    Ni un alma gozando
    Lo que era solo es un sueño
    Solo una memoria, una parte de mi imaginación

    But those are only memories now as music has changed
    The streets are not the same anymore
    No more open johnie pumps
    Not even playing in the streets
    Everything is now MP3'ed and ripped to CD
    FM manages to resurrect the memories but, they are as distorted as the stations themselves
    So I lay back and remember how it was before
    Subo el volumen un chin-chin mas a mis parlantes
    Para poder recordar como era antes

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