Poem: Far Rockaway via JFK

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    Far Rockaway via JFK

    Underground I wait
    a smell of bleach and hot dogs mixes in the air
    Lights overhead brighter than the sun
    Walls white with a blue stripe at the top
    Floors with yellow bumpy edges, screaming STAND BACK!
    as a C train comes in behind me, scrapping said wall
    brakes squealing as stainless steel comes to a screeching halt
    doors open, releasing a sea of people toward the stairs
    while I count my blessings that I don't take that train anymore

    So, I wait near the express track
    And I hear a noise in the distance
    a steadily increasing vibration in the rails
    as a mysterious wind from the tunnel slowly turns into a large gust
    headlights become brighter
    as my hair slowly begins to move fly off with that wind
    bring on the noise
    bring on that big gust

    I step in and I take my seat
    right near the window
    as we move away from the station, into the darkness
    only illuminated by the same light bulbs you find in your kitchen
    lights turning into a blur
    and I realize that I am now a part of the same gust
    as we pass that same C train, leaving it in it's stainless steel dust
    lights flickering as the train rocks back and forth

    We meet two people on the way, Euclid and Grant
    Reincarnated into avenues and streets respectively
    and then, sunlight!
    as we stop at a few more stations before making the turn towards the civilization away from civilization
    The Rockaways

    Aaah Jamaica Bay.
    Right after JFK
    Watching the planes take off it looks as if the train is racing that big 757 to the end of the runway
    but of course, the plane always wins
    and then it flies away

    Sunlight reflecting off of the water below
    beach in the distance
    patches of white and green scream, HEY! I'm over here now!

    And off into the sunset this train goes
    Stopping at that really Broad Channel to give people a chance to go to Rock Away in that Park followed by a few more stops along the way
    As the stainless steal glimmers just as brightly as the water out yonder
    parallel to the tracks
    and before you know it
    the speaker blares one last time
    as you read this and think, is this what he meant when he was talking about Mott and the Rockaways?
    all to do is all over again another day

    Until then, it's back up to Manhattan
    Get the line up
    As the operator's radio says
    "Apple train on 2 track, call into tower with your call letters"
    Doors close
    Double-shot from the C/R and were off again
    Up to 207
    A few stops short of heaven
    But, considering that the Cloisters isn't too far away, it's pretty damn close
    And so goes another day on the A
    with the rollsign flashing Far Rockaway VIA JFK

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