PMT - one for the laydees


Sally Twit
Know what I hate? You're in a bad mood and a guy turns around and says "Must be PMT". Women do have genuine reasons to be in a bad mood you know, it doesn't mean we're menstruating! Most of the time a man is the cause of it but they'll always shift the blame onto that. It winds me up!

Do you know what I mean? :mad:


rainbow 11!
I know! I hate it. My sister does it to me all of the time. It makes me want to slap her across the face and put her to work in the kitchen.


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I know what you mean because whenever my gf is pissed at me enough to slap/curse/not fuck me is when she's PMSing..

i'm a good boy i dont do anything to piss her off though


rainbow 11!
Uh, no. You don't know what we mean.

We are saying that whenever girls get angry some men will just blame it on PMS. It's not always PMS.


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Ha, by that reasoning one of my friends is pretty much PMSed all the time. She's a moody, moody girl :lol:

I absolutely hate it when she actually says things like "I'm on, so I couldn't do such-and-such". I seriously do not want to know about these things!


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Well women should have a certain way to be a hag when it's that time..

So that when she just wants to be a bitch we can realize she's not actually having PMS.

I don't see the difference since either way it takes place quite often..