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Do I have to have a certain number of posts in order to have PM access?


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I think it's right around 25 or so. Helps prevent n00b spammers who sign up just to PM spam to people.


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oki doki...thanks. :) I might get annoying with these questions...but I'm just trying to figure this all out.


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Don't worry about it. GF has a lot of little quirks that other message boards I'm a part of don't. I'm still finding out about some of them.


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Not to mention - people almost never send out PMs unless they know you a bit. Almost nobody here knows you yet.
I understand this. I was wondering because I do not see an option for PMs anywhere. Because I am new here, I wanted to see all of the features this place has to offer, and I noticed that I didnt see a spot on my page for PMs. Even now, I have over 25 posts and I don't see it.