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Plenty of amazing dunks in ONE game!


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You don't watch much Basketball do you? You get those type of dunks on a nightly basis. There were some nice throw downs, Griffin is a dunk machine and I wouldn't be surprised if we saw him in the dunk contest.

That said, that preview is typical ESPN for you, in that whole preview you only saw one three pointer and the rest were dunks. I know people love dunks, but you got to tell a better story of the game.


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Like BR said, I don't like how ESPN only shows dunks. It's the highest percentage shot in basketball. Show some real highlights, like steals, blocks, three pointers, and great passing. You know, the stuff that actually changes games.


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Griffin has just been a beast all season long. I think he really deserves to be in the all star game and also in the dunk contest.. I mean.. He could kiss the rim easily!