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This is my new NHL blog. I decided to take one up basically for the heck of it and all my friends don't seem to share much of an interest in the game as the great people of this site so I was wondering if you could take the time to read and comment on the blog. Either on the site or here would be fine. I'll give all the links when I post new ones. Thank you for your time.

New blog on the current state of violence in the game:


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Just one think Andrew. Make sure you post the link of your blog in this message. Don't create a new message for every new blog.

That being said your brought up a lot of valid points in your blog. But the only one I have to comment on is the Ryan Smith comment. If you have passion for the game and the team you play for like Ryan did you can't help but let your emotions out. I am sure Ryan Smith tried not to cry during is press conference but he couldn't help himself. It's something the human body can't control.

But besides that i really like reading it.


#1 Spammer of FC
I'll be sure to post all the links in the above message so check back for updates. As for the whole crying issue I just believe that his departure yes was saddening but really I mean he can go back after this season even and I think he could have shown his emotions a little different that what he did. I know it must have been hard but the NHL is a tough game to play and I believe that for a guy like Ryan he could have held that in. But again that's just my opinion.