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Movies Please tell me this is a fake trailer


YouTube - Frozen: Trailer

Tell me it's fake, right? o_O

If it's real, look, I'm not bashing Hollywood, they just need... um, some 'help'. I know you guys (Hollywood) want something original, but this is just way too much. Not sure this is the right direction you should be heading..., and if it is a new writer/director/whatnot creating this film then where are the people to tell you no? You can do better!

With Open Water I can understand it being new and plausible. This? Getting stuck on a chairlift? You can do better! This is really a slap in the face to everybody who enjoys thriller movies. Please, for the sake of our enjoyment DO BETTER! >.<;
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New Member
Wow.... I can't believe they actually made a movie like this.... They must be desperate for new ideas if they made something like this.... I just... can't believe this..... is happening....

"The Happening" is happening right now... GG


A Darker Knight
That's pretty funny. *The Ski Lift of Death* :lol: Way to make a movie out of nothing. They just took this too far. Unless there's something that they didn't show in the trailer, there is no way you can defend this movie.


Well-Known Member
This seems like it's gonna be another "Wolf's Creek" movie...a huge waste of time and your money.



Sally Twit
Notice how "Iceman" from X-Men is in the movie? :lol:

Also, wouldn't any of them have a mobile phone on them?
The movie looks awful.


Registered Member
It would seem to be real, it has its on officail site too!.
It looks like a really cheap fill in movie between for after the Christmas period before the summer blockbusters start getting hyped up and released.


New Member
Well if i wanted to laugh my head off i'd take a comedy.

Wonder what's next?

"The bus station of DEATH
You tought it was a mere trip home...
But what if the bus never comes...
The boredom grows inside you...
Untill you're so bored...
You simply drop dead!
This fall in cinemas!"


Well-Known Member
Well...it's not like there has been any success in those films either. But I applaud the effort they're making :)