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"Please take your shoes off"


Sally Twit
When you're visiting your friends and family, do you take off your shoes when you get inside their house? Is it something you were brought up to do or do you find it weird and keep your shoes on?

I only ever take my shoes off when I visit my mum and dad because I still see it as my house. Plus I'll make myself comfortable there where as at anyone else's house I'll just sit down on the chair, not put my feet up or anything.


Creeping On You
Here, it's weird if you don't take your shoes off. Shoes track dirt around and such. It's customary to take your shoes off at the door. Thats why anytime I go over to friends place, I make sure my socks are clean and such.


If I go to my cousin's house, I take my shoes off. They are part of my family..and just like Bliss says, I consider their home as my home.

When I pay a visit to someone [friends] I don't take my shoes off. It used to be a custom to take your shoes off whenever you go but now it's fading away.
Sometimes I see it as senseless to take them off. Only on rainy days do I take them off whenever I go to.


No Custom Title Exists
I always take my shoes off as I was bought up to respect all the homes that I visit. Whenever my mate is around and I always tell him to take his shoes off in my room because it's bringing in all the dirt from outside and it's not polite.


Registered Member
There's two times that I'll take my shoes off. One, if I walk into the house and they have an obvious place to put shoes when you walk in, then I'll take them off. Two, if my shoes are obviously muddy for some reason, then I'll actually leave them outside. Adding into the first one, even if there's not a place to put the shoes, if my friends takes their shoes off, I will.. if they leave their's on, I'll leave mine on.


yellow 4!
I pretty much always take my shoes off if it's a friend or relative because I feel weird treading on carpet in shoes I've just been outdoors in. So to me it feels more polite to take them off, especially if I'm wearing socks that day.

If it's someone I don't know, then I would most likely leave them on provided they're not muddy. Just because I'm not sure which they'd prefer and some people are funny about it. In the past I've gone to take them off and been told not to, as if it's too much effort or something.


Where is my Queen?
At my townhouse I don't take my shoes off until I start laying down or before I go to bed. When I go to my parents house or a friends house I will typically take my shoes off. I was raised to take my shoes off before entering the house because that shows respect. I don't know how true that is, but I still follow it.


Supreme System Lord
I'll normally see what everyone else has done then make a decision based on that. I normally ask if I should take them off but if every one else is wearing trainer/shoes then I'll leave mine on......unless I've trodden in something unsavory!!


Registered Member
If I see a spot beside the door where it's obvious shoes go, I will remove my shoes. But if I don't, and I see no carpeting, then I will leave my shoes on, providing they are not ridicuously dirty.
One of my sons just purchased a brand new home, and they made it a 'rule' that everyone remove their shoes before entering- they have this little walk-in foyer place by the back door.
We'll see how long that lasts, every time I have been over there, it's my son who lives there, that's sitting there with his shoes on!


Better Call Saul
Staff member
The only time I take my shoes off at someone's house is if they ask me to do so. I don't have a problem doing it at all but it's not something I'll do on my own because I won't even think to do it.