Please, I need advices...

Hi, I'am French so please excuse my english.

Do someone know this website: ??? I found it thanks to search engines but I don't know if I can make business with.

So, please if you know something about it, let me know.

Thanks, Pingu.


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Bonjour Pinguloire. J'ai regardé dans l'emplacement et ce que je vois de lui est eBay à l'envers….

Je pense qu'il serait facile pour toi d'employer. Les instructions étape-par-étape étaient très bonnes.

Sembler intéressant. Aller devoir découvrir plus. .you pourrait vouloir voir qu'il elles ont une page française de traduction.
Laissez- tombermoi une ligne et faites-moi savoir ce que vous découvrez…

BTW bonjour et bienvenue aux conseils.

Hi Pinguloire..I looked into the site and from what I see it's eBay in reverse....

I think it would be easy for you to use..The step by step instructions were pretty good..

Looks interesting..Gonna have to find out might wanna see it they have a french translation page..
Drop me a line and let me know what you find out...:cool:

BTW Hi and welcome to the boards..
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Yes, sure I understood that was the reverse of but I don't if I can trust a website with a PR2 to practice E-Commerce.

No link with before: Does this website belong to Ebay? I'm wondering that because I can see a lot and a lot of links to ebay.

P.S: Thanks for translated in French, I really appreciate. But you know, computers translations are impossible to understand. So don't worry I can speak english a bit.


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Hi..I'm looking into the safety of the site right now and pokeing around in it to see what all it does...

Abought how long ago did you first find this site?

There sevral ways that it can be linked to eBay..Most are from eBay stores..
But let me do somemore looking..

Gonna go poke around and see what a few friends know abought this...

I'll post more when I find something more out..

BWT Sorry for the Translation errors I haven't spoken french since highschool, I had to use the translator program for some of the wording..
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I found about 5 or 6 weeks ago. A friend talked me about a new "revolutionnary" auction website. So, when I arrived in Florida, I just had a look there.

It's ok for the french translation. it was great to try.

Thanks for having a look to


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This site looks interesting and I'm tempted to give it a try. Was anyone ever able to collect any more information about it?


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That DOES look interesting!! I'm not really sure how well that would work, though... sometimes when I buy things, it's sort of on impulse because I see it... with, that wouldn't work, would it?


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Hmm.... interesting. But, I really don't think that I, as a business owner, would want to spend my time searching for people that want my exact product. Seems odd.