please help me, tough argument


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Hey people, first post. I wasn't sure where I could voice my problem for support about this, but I figured this would be a good start. I'm currently (this very moment) in a discussion with a very dedicated, soon to be, Jehovah's witness.

history: I have an elderly couple I love very much and I consider them my grandparents. they are Christians.
Met a guy two months back. got close to him, became buddies, hang out on the weekends. he's pulled me and my two best buddies into the religion a bit. I've gone to The Watchtower church a few times. but quite frankly I feel like never again.

So, the last few days hanging out with him have been overwhelming. I've never been so sick of talking about God! He presses it way too hard sometimes. He tells me that I will never be truly happy without God. he is here attacking me telling me what only I'd know. if I'm happy or not. I tell him I have Christian grandparents that are truly happy. He implies they can be even happier. i ask him if he is saying that they aren't truly happy because they are christian and therefore do not know god..(according to him) he says "yes!!!! [...] practice vile things in association with pagan worship"
He is now judging my grandparents. telling me they aren't happy. This offends me that he thinks he can look down on anyone and judge like that.

is this fair behavior? can he decide who god likes? is he judging them to make himself feel better? I want to retaliate and shut him up.


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Simply put: cut ties with him. That sort of fanaticism he's displaying is not something that can be fought logically or simply 'taken care of'. If he can't accept that you just don't want anything to do with his belief, then you're better off ditching him. I mean, the whole Jehovah's witness thing is pretty intense in the first place.
1) Confront him and tell him to back off and give you some space.

2) (If you're afraid of doing #1) Write him a letter, e-mail or text message telling him to give you space and lay off the criticisms of your grandparents.

3) Avoid him at all cost until you feel refresh, confident and ready to defend any and all attacks he tries to throw at you the next time you two meet up.

Simply put: cut ties with him


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It's those kind of people that give my faith a bad name. When if comes to my friends, I don't run around saying 'oh you'll never be happy without jesus!!!!'. That just seems pathetic to me. Running around badgering people isn't going to win anyone to your side, it just pisses them off. I agree with Cons and Vilk, just cut ties with this guy. He's just gonna stress you out. Cut ties, take a break, and later down the road, if you feel like checking out religion again, just do it on your own time, at your own pace.


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Ask yourself who is happier? This guy with his insecurities and lack of respect or your G'parents. Then question where God is showing his true colours in practicing what they preach.


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"is this fair behavior? can he decide who god likes? is he judging them to make himself feel better? I want to retaliate and shut him up."

No. No. Yes. Why? Why play that judgmental game? Just walk away... life is too short to worry about small mean people.


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I'd either cut ties with him entirely, or just confront him and say that you feel he's going overboard and being too pushy; that you like hanging out with him but not if he attacks you or people you consider your family. Maybe give him a chance to back down before cutting him off.


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Thanks a bunch guys. simple answers really, I should have known it myself but y'all know how sometimes another's opinion is the kick start. And, I only gave you the gist of it; there are several more aspects we could look into if people want to pick at their brains. I took a break through the night and after reading your replies I realize I shouldn't even bother with the retaliating part.
He's a good friend but considering how much of an extremist he is, I predict the natural course in this situation will be that we will end up growing apart anyways. I don't really appreciate "religion" telling me how my relationship with god should be, and If I have it any other way then its a lie.