TV Please help! I cant remember the name of a cartoon movie from ages ago!

Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by JD1234, Jul 1, 2010.

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    I need help, I feel like im going to go mad soon! :confused: For months and months I have been tying to track down or remember the name of a cartoon from a while back.

    It wasnt a cartoon for example ... The Simpsons. - As far as I know, it was a cartoon movie "one time thing". (There may have been more, but this is all I saw).

    Of course, the only information is what I can remember from the movie itself...

    So... It was a christmas childrens movie. From what I recall, there was a young boy and a young girl (brother and sister). The opening scene was the two children sat on the floor at home...the little boy was cutting paper chain men out. I think they went to the mall at some point. But definetley remember them going to their grandparents house for christmas...I remember them going to a funfair and I remember a dog at some point. I believe the main characters were just a mom, dad, son and daughter and the grandparents...and the dog (if there was one).

    I THINK that the movie was made by a toy company but I could be totally wrong...maybe Early Learning or Fisher Price or something like that, but Ive been researching this for weeks and I cannot find anything even close to what I remember seeing as a child. Although like I said, I could be way off, and typing completley the wrong thing into Google constantly. I think the google search engine is tired of me trying now lol.

    Im not sure if it was American of English but was definetley one of them and now Im a dad myself I want to show it to my kids.
    It would have been around 1995 or 96 maybe a little earlier that my younger brother will have watched this, and thats when I first saw it.

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