Please give me your advice


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OK, I am selling things on ebay to try and raise money for our adoption from China. We started out adopting from Russia over a year ago, but we got totally screwed, and lost SEVERAL thousand dollars.

I have some ideas for an auction, but here's one I just had.

"MBA for hire - let this M.B.A. work for you"

Basically, I'd be selling my analytical or report writing services in the "services" section, and I'd tell a lot about our adoption in my "about me" area - hopefully without violating the charity listing rule.

Is this a stupid idea, or is it workable?? I was thinking about putting the reserve pretty high - around $1,000, and putting a mug shot of me as the main picture, and a picture of my diploma with my full name blobbed out.

Is this workable? Would it be a decent draw?? Would ebay shut it down??


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:::scratching head::: Don't know nothin 'bout no good auction ideas ;) BUT as an adoptive Mom I do wish you well on the idea and hope your next adoption attempt is all you hope it will be! (We had a failed adoption, although domestic, so I understand what you have gone that she is 3 yrs old it was a blessing. If the first adoption would of happened I never would have MY little girl. One way to look at it) GOOD LUCK!

Is this too weird? I hit send on my reply and there staring me in the face is an adoption ad!