Please do not PM staff with site use related questions

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There are a lot of people who have been sending PM's to mods or myself with simple questions about how GF operates. I get a TON of these PM's for some reason and many of the mods have reported getting them on a regular basis as well. From now on anybody who sends me a PM asking a question about how to do something on GF will just be redirected to this thread, which in turn will direct them to the Ideas & Support forum.

Basically it makes more sense for the questions to be answered publically for everybody to see so we don't have to reply to countless PM's asking the same questions over and over again. Not only that, but almost all of the questions we get are questions that any GF member would be able to answer. You'll get a much faster response if you post a thread in Ideas & Support than if you PM a staff member and wait for them to reply.

So, if you need help with somethng on GF that isn't something that only a specific staff member knows the answer for please post in Ideas & Support instead of sending a PM.

The following types of questions should NOT be asked to staff members:

Anything profile related
Anything post formatting related
Anything MyGF/UserCP related
Anything stats related
Anything poker or arcade related
Anything about various GF features
Anything permission (or lack of permission) related

*This list may be updated as I think of other question types

So please, if you have a generic question that anybody on GF will likely know the answer to, as long as it's not a private matter please post a thread in Ideas & Support and you will likely get a quick response.

Not open for further replies.