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Playskool Recall: Choking Danger

Sep 22, 2006

Playskool Recall issued Friday - Playskool has informed consumers that it will recall 255,000 Team Talkin’ Tool Bench toys after the deaths of two small children because of a choking danger that can cause suffocation.

Playskool Recall: Choking Danger

Two children have reportedly dies when they suffocated when the head of an oversized plastic toy nail became lodged in their throats.

Playskool received reports that a 19-month-old boy from Martinsburg, W.V., and a 2-year-old boy from League City, Texas died as a result of the toy nail becoming lodged in their throats.

Though the toy nails are not considered a small-part, and the toys are intended for children age 3 and older, Playskool is voluntarily conducting a recall as a precaution to prevent additional incidents.

The playschool web site gives this information:

The Team Talkin' Tool BenchTM is a 20-inch tall plastic toy tool bench with an animated red toy saw, a yellow toy drill and a blue toy vice. The toy talks and makes various sound effects, including tool sounds. The product also includes a toy hammer, screwdriver, two 2¼-inch plastic screws, two 3-inch plastic nails and pieces to build a small toy plane. The red Playskool logo is on the front of the brown surface of the tool bench.

The toy was sold at Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Target, KB Toys stores and various other stores nationwide from October 2005 through September 2006 for about $35.

Consumers were warned to immediately take the two toy nails away from children and contact Playskool to get information on returning the nails for a $50 certificate for a Playskool (or its related companies') product.

For additional information, call Playskool at (800) 509-9554 anytime, or go to their Web site at
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