Playoffs rituals?


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Is there anything you do to prepare yourself for the playoffs when you team is in it. My teacher asked me about what mine are today so I'm just wondering about everyone else.

I wear the same Red Sox sweat shirt from the beginning of September till the end of the playoffs. It CANNOT be washed. All it takes is a little Fabreeze.

I listen to the songs Tessie (Dropkick Murphys), Dirty Water (the Standells), I'm a Member of Red Sox Nation (Daddy Crawford, vice president of Red Sox Nation), Yankees Suck (Bender X, even if they are not playing the Yankees), and Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond) EVERYDAY

On days when the Red Sox a playing I have to wear t-shirts/jerseys, Along with my Red Sox earings, charm bracelet, and necklace

I watch certain videos on youtube

I have to sit cross legged on my floor for the entire game, unless I have to go to the bathroom.

NO ONE CAN TALK TO ME (unless they are also watching the game)

Between innings I read a book about the Red Sox


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I can't say I have a playoff ritual for the Blue Jays because they haven't made the playoffs since they won the World Series in 1993, which is the year I first started watching baseball.

But when it comes to other sports, I usually wear my teams gear, as much as I can. I'll only watch the games with people that are fans of my favorite team. Other then that not to much to be honest with you.


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Not making fun or anything, but holy hot damn red you've got most MLB players beat. :lol:

I don't do anything, I just watch the game. I'll wear my Sox cap and that's about it.