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Discussion in 'NBA' started by WorldWideBall, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. Who do you think is the most likely to be the X-Factor in each Conference? I don't mean X-Factors that take the Championship.

    I'm talking about the team most likely to come out of the mid-to-bottom and surprise everybody by knocking out a top-3 elite team. Obviously Dallas, Suns & Spurs in West can't be an X-Factor. Get it?:clap:

    Western Conference X-Factor: I'm going with Denver Nuggets. Their record is meaningless because they've got so much new talent to work their record doesn't give you a lot of hints as to what their actually capable of.
    Denver will also be hungry going into playoffs unsatisfied (unlike Dallas), Melo now has playoff experience....they've got George Karl out.
    Expect Nuggets to do the unthinkable in the 1st round. I know I sound crazy...but:yes:

    Eastern Conference X-Factor: I'm going with Orlando Magic (if they make it). Simply because Dwight Howard. Just like the '98 Spurs got to the second round simply because of Duncan(after 20-62 win-season).....the Magic can do it just because Dwight.

    Magic is a solid team....I expect them to break through the odds. Unless Arroyo tries to take the last shot. lol

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    I think Nuggets will surprise a lot of teams come playoff time, especially that you have Carmelo and Iverson on that team, and if Nene and Camby can stay healthy then they can do a lot of damage especially that Iverson will be very hungry for a championship.

    In the East I would have to go with the Nets, especially if everyone is healthy they can surprise a lot of teams as well. Carter and Jefferson can score at will and Kidd is always triple double threat. There only weakness is center position, but Boone has been playing really well of late so you never no.
  3. Nets was a good pick. I was going to go with them but....I'm a little objective on this one 'cause I think Dwight Howard is an underrated MONSTER from the East.

    I think the Nets have more of a chance of breaking through (talent-wise)...but I'm hoping Dwight can get his team some confidence to do the same.

    Hopefully we're BOTH right and they BOTH knock off elite Eastern teams. Now that would make the East run FUN!!
  4. Babe_Ruth

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    Yeah it would because of those two teams would be facing the Pistons, and personally I cannot stand them, I believe that the Nets if healthy can beat the Pistons, the only thing there lacking his size and rebouding, and Pistons are a better defensive team then the Nets, but the Nets can outscore them especially if Carter performs well, and he usually does,(except his first series against the Knicks) So if they did face each other it would be an interesting series.

    Howard is a monster but he does have a huge weakness and that's he cannot make a free throw, which means teams will foul him all the time like they do shaq, other then that he's a monster especially on the rebounding side of the game(offensive and defensive.) But if they do make it then other players like Milicic, Nelson, Turkgolu and others will need to step up because he cannot do it by himself.

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