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Playing as a female character


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I prefer the female character, because I am female. If there is no choice between genders, I usually pick the guy I think looks the hottest, or the one that I liked best in the campaign.


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while playing Uncharted 2 MP beta today i found myself using Elena for most of the time, i really enjoyed her.


I tend to go for females. They're a lot easier on the eye than males and blessed with magical bonuses in some games.


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I always pick a female character given the option because it's fun to make them look as much like me as possible.


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I think for me it depends on the game. There are some where being a male is just more sound, like In Obliviion they have a Knight class, well Knights are male and there stats are better. But I'm all for spicing it up, and I also like the way Female characters are better on the eyes. So when I play Oblivion I would be a female Nord, Knight. because for me i think it's nice to support the strgenth that woman have the potential to have and being able to see this ebodiment of you personal qualites as your made character.


If it is a game where I can create a custom character, I always make it a guy and as close to me as possible. But other than that, I don't really care.

I played co-op RE5 with my friend and I played as the female. We've also taken turns on RE2, and I played Claire's B scenario without blinking an eye. No biggie. Ha.


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I try to be 50-50 in my selections.


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Yeah, I've tried it quite a few times. I guess it's sorta like being a female, or probably just to see what it feels like to be one. All the male characters seem to give me lots of items since I try to make my girl character as hot as possible.


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I played co-op RE5 with my friend and I played as the female.
Yeah, RE5 is great because you actually have to play as Sheva to get all of the stuff.

Also, I love some of her moves, too. They kickass. :D