Playing a sport vs Watching a sport


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Which do you prefer? I found there are sports that can be both fun to watch and fun to play, but than you get sports that are unbearable to watch, but pretty fun to play. Golf would be one I can think of straight away. What abot you guys?


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To be honest, not that much lol, even though I love most of them.

However, I played baseball in a summer league from the age of 13 to 16. I was a horrible fielder but I could do pretty good in the batting box. I eventually was moved to 3rd base and I did OK.


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These days, I'd rather just watch because I'm older. Back in the day I used to love to play baseball, basketball, roller hockey, bowling, soccer, football, you name it. Golf too.


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Never liked golf, except mini-golf. Probably working on a golf course for a real tool bag of a groundskeeper spoiled it for me along with the attitude of some golfers towards those who maintain the course.

I am constantly surprised to find the more sports I watch, the more I enjoy them. I spent hours watching curling and had a great time.

I prefer to saber fence than watch fencing - always like playing soccer and basketball more than watching either.

Broke my jaw playing football as a kid and never got back into any formal playing (backyard games still rule, though) and I seriously love watching the NFL. This time of year I refer to as the long, dark, off-season of the soul. Nothing compares, IMHO.

I was in the USAF making $390 a month when the baseball strike happened. It really soured me on baseball and I no longer follow the sport. I love going to the games - in fact, any sporting event I go to I seem to enjoy.


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Cool stories guys :D Only sport I ever play these days is Basketball, and due to me being severley overweight I think it's more of an incentive that I play more sports despite heading into my 30s haha
I definitely prefer to watch these days. I am old and out of shape, playing some of my favorite sports would be disastrous at this point. Haha.
I was awful in high school at baseball. But I currently like to watch some of the Boston Red Sox games.

My favorite sport to watch is NFL football. However, as a teen I never played high school football because at the time my high school didn't have a team, as I live in a relatively poor community. So how good I would have been at high school football is something I don't actually know. And how much I would have enjoyed playing is something that I don't know either.


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I prefer both honestly. Personally, watching and playing sports go hand-in-hand, in the sense that I one causes the other. For instance, as I'm watching this World Cup, I'm getting this crazy desire to go out and play soccer lol.