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Players sign of solidarity before Saints/Vikings game?


So if you watched the game last night, you probably saw the sign of solidarity players on both teams did by coming onto the field and held up their index finger, indicating they are all together in their current NFLPA contract issue.

There has been a lot of discussion about this today. Some people think it was a nice symbol and will help their cause. Other people think it was tasteless and has a chance of turning the fans against them. So what do you think?

I can see both sides. I get why they did it. They were trying to show the management that they are together and aren't going to roll over. But on the other hand, as I've seen a few people point out, lots of fans out there probably don't care about the plight of millionaires against billionaires and having that shoved down their throat could very easily piss them off, especially some of the poorer or worse off fans. I think the idea of presenting a unified front by the players is a good idea, but I also think they should avoid doing it during the games, as least for the rest of the season.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I didn't see anything wrong with what they did, players have to stick together when it comes to things like this. The last thing the players want is a lockout, especially for a full season. I'm glad that Al Michaels mentioned some thing when it was happening too.


Problematic Shitlord
The richer the players get, the more shafted the fans get so in all honesty, I think they're a bunch of spoiled chumps who need to take it down a notch. Sure I think they have the right to demand things but higher pay isn't one of them.


Son of Liberty
Yeah I'm on the side of;

"you're getting paid MILLIONS of dollars to play a game at its top level, why are you complaining again?"

I was always frustrated with the Players Association Unions in the first place. Being a Hockey fan I've read plenty of memoirs about the old school guys and how they'd get paid in peanuts (sometimes literally) to play for the big clubs and I find that unfortunate. However they still did it because thats what they loved and most of them when the Unions came around didnt even want a part of it because they felt it was going to hurt the dexterity of the sport. But times have definitely changed... these guys nowadays have more money flowing through their bank accounts than most rural unincorporated cities do.

I'm not saying I'm siding with the Management, I'm just confused at how this has all come about. The game is meant to be played for the Consumer, I find it a complete tragedy when the consumer gets mocked like this, right in front of our faces. And I do see it as mocking... I mean the NFL is funded by billions of middle class Americans who are happy to be making 60k a year... they pay for the big money Sports Packages and the Merchandise, They watch the games and attract the Big money Advertisements and Endorsements that make up the bulk of this Sports Economy. And yet nobody even thinks about the Consumer when gestures like this are made.

And yet they are the ones that get shit on when these two over-paid parties start feuding over who should get all this excess money. If you asked me personally... I think its BS, I believe that Yes the players need to be compensated for what they do, they are the Best at their game. The Managers need to be compensated for what they do, they are obviously the best Staff in their game. But do they need to be compensated at the disgusting amount they are?

This reminds me of the Manny Ramirez thing where he was throwing a fit over a contract for something like $12 million for a season and he wanted $15 million instead to play... while all of the Consumers of the sport are suffering in a Recession/Depression... he has the nerve to do that. And the same thing with Rookies, I mean I dont know the minimum Cap for the NFL, but I know the NHL is $850,000 a season. Rookies are 18 year olds mind you... at my current rate it would take me about 21 years to make as much as they do in 8 months of work plus offseason working out (which people at my payscale PAY to do rather than GET PAID to do).

I dunno, I dont want to make it sound like I'm jealous of them... but my thing is "why do you need so much when 90% of America gets along with 110% less?" Give back to the people, make the Merchandise cheaper, make Watching games free, Give back to the People who made you rich rather than take more for yourself.
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Better Call Saul
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I didn't hate the gesture and I didn't like the gesture...I didn't give two shits about it.

Just play the damn game.


Registered Member
They didn't even support Bush on his Heisman trophy issue. They are talking about their CBA, typical. NFL players do the dumbest things.


Problematic Shitlord
That's an NCAA issue, it has nothing to do with the NFL or its players union.