Players on your team that HAVE to produce

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by SamtheBravesFan, May 1, 2007.

  1. Now that we're past the first month of baseball season, who is a player (or players) on your favorite team that must produce?

    For the Braves, it is Mark Redman, hands down. With Mike Hampton out for the year and Lance Cormier on the DL for God knows how long, the Braves are stuck with Redman in the rotation and he needs to turn in good performances in order to keep the Braves from losing every fifth game. Onlly once has he turned in a good start, and the Braves didn't even get a single run that day (they lost to Rich Hill and the Cubs 3-0). So Redman needs to pitch well, and he needs to get support.

    EDIT: Of course, I'm not watching the game. As I posted this, Redman just went through 1 2/3 innings, allowing 4 runs. I wonder if there is another quick fix?

  2. andrew_bishop

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    Zack Greinke has to start bringing up his numbers for the Royals. Even though we might not have the best team around we can still have a decent team and a big part of that would be this guy starting to have solid games , I don't mean he's having none I mean he has to get more.
  3. TDG1987

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    Fernando Rodney for the Tigers. He's been doing a little better lately but he really needs to step up to keep that bullpen near the top. Gary Sheffield needs to pick it up as well. He's only DH-ing, he should be doing well by now.
  4. Detritus

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    You've already covered my team. I agree completely with what you said about Redman. It's time to drop him and try someone else, I say. The Braves have such a good farm system in general, surely they have someone ready to step up and be a 5th starter?
  5. Adam Dunn. Not as much now with the help he's getting from Hamilton, but if he doesnt produce .260-40-100 this year, I'm giving up on the Sultan of Strikeout.
  6. Not really. Oscar Villarreal can start, and that's just fine. I don't think anyone in Richmond is ready to go full time.
  7. Babe_Ruth

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    Roy Halladay for my team, he's one of the best pitchers in the Major Leagues, and if the Jays go on a losing streak he's there to end it. If we didn't have him then our starting rotation wouldn't be that great but because he's our ace he makes our rotation look better. You also can rely on him to give you 8 innings even 9 innings, and he has pitched a 10th inning complete game this season, which means he gives our bullpen a rest. Without him I don't we would have much success.
  8. Detritus

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    Villarreal has been a little sketchy in some of the few starts he's had, although I guess he would probably be suitable enough to fill in until they could get someone else.

    Apparently Redman went on the 15 day DL today with an ingrown toenail. Yeah. suuuuuure he did...
  9. Hoosier_Daddy

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    Alphonso Soriano needs to show that he was worth the $$$. This being his second year playing in the outfield should show a lot about him. He looked today like the hamstring injury is still bothering him though. In hope his bat heats up this Month.

  10. Babe_Ruth

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    I am sure that at the end of the Year Soriano will have his 35+ home runs and have his 100+ rbi's and he's going to hit close to 290, he's been plagued with that hamstring, and he's just getting back into form just give him maybe one or two weeks and he'll be fine.

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