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Players holding out


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I know it happens in every sport, but the NFL is the worst when it comes to players holding out.

What are your thoughts on player holding out? Do you believe they're just being divas or they have the right to do so?

I know some players have a real good case, but some of these are just ludicrus.


Registered Member
I lose a lot of respect for those players who hold out during camp and some of the regular season.

Personally, one good year to me does not legitimize a hold out for me. I can defiantly understand if you have 3-4 good years in a row and want a new contract, but when you have one great year and think you're king of the world.. you're just being a diva. (just as I'm one of those people who think rookies get paid too much).


4 legs good 2 legs bad
you signed it...HONOR IT. thats me.
This sums up my thoughts exactly. When you sign a contract, there is nobody to blame but yourself if it's not what you want a couple years down the road. Just play out the rest of your contract and then sign a new one.

The NFL has a serious problem with contracts and players holding out. What's especially ridiculous is when rookies do it before ever playing a single down in the league. Rookies should have set contracts based on where they are drafted, like how they do it in the NBA.


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I agree with rookies. You haven't earned nothing, you play your first contract out and it's set like the NBA.

With veterans though, I give a little more leeway. You have to earn what you can now. In football, a career-ending injury can happen at anytime. Take Revis for example. There is no reason why he shouldn't be getting paid as one of the top defensive players right now. Of course he has a contract and he should play it out, but this isn't baseball, where that next payday is guaranteed. Anything can happen at any point and Revis should attempt to cash in while he can.

Still, I hate seeing players hold out. There are two sides to this and I understand both.


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I don't think any player that is under contract has the right to demand more money. They should all be punished big time for being selfish and greedy. These men are paid to play a game they should love -- that's enough.