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Player Stomped


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Well it looks like he just got caught up in the moment and did something stupid. He has apologized and said that anything the league does to him he is fine with because he feels bad for that he did and called the act "disgusting."

I personally think that he should receive a MAJOR fine, but a good deal of the fine should be paid to the guy he stomped on. He acted very immaturely and regardless of being sorry, he needs to be made into an example.


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He's been suspended for five games, which equals out to somewhere around two hundred thousand dollars that he'd lose.


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I'm glad he has been suspended. What he did was completely uncalled for. It is so unsportman-like. This is not how role models should act.


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You should have seen the brawl in the Miami/Florida Atlantic game last fall. It was like a gang fight. Players stomping on each other, swinging their helmets, etc.

YouTube - Football Fight

The commentary is hilarious. The guy actually got fired for his comments.
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