Player Breakdown: Chris Bosh


Built Ford Tough

Seeing how this place is pretty much dead, I thought I could give a breakdown of Raptor players and then you can give your own breakdown or counter points that I mention. It should leave to some disscusion.

So here we go:

Strengths- I feel that his biggest assest is his complete all around offensive game. He can beat you in so many different ways that it is scary. He can take you from the high post. He can take you out to around 20 feet and still hit the jumper consistently. He has started to show range all the way to the 3 point line as well. He also has a great face up game from around 12-15 feet. He gets the ball in the post, quickly turns to face up and uses his quickness and explosiveness to get by his man. He has a variety of face up moves that he uses. The only flaw in his offensive game is his unwillingness to play in the post. He has a pretty decent post game but he never seems to utilize it.

Another strength of his is his leadership. He isn't one to talk a lot and chew out his teammates for no reason. He is a leader by example. He always wants the best out of his teammates and demands that they give it 100% every time they step on the floor whether it be during a game or during a practice. He is a consimate (sp?) professional and has shown the ability to lead a team to the playoffs.

His last main strength I am going to breakdown is his heart. The guy has one of the biggest hearts in the entire NBA. He never quits during the game. He will still give it his complete and full effort whether his team is up by 20 or down by 20. Bosh completely despises losing. During his younger days he was sitting on the bench and he literaly started to cry because of the amount of losing and the frustration that came with the losing. That is how much he cares about winning. The guy has one of the biggests hearts in the league and this rubs off on his teammates.

Weaknesses- The biggest weakness in Bosh's game, at least in my opinion, would have to be his defense. He is a very suspect defender. He is average at best. This has a lot to due with his size. He has a very skinny frame and it makes it difficult to guard the stronger thicker players in the league. This is no excuse though because if you look at Kevin Garnett, who has an identical frame but is an All NBA caliber defender. Bosh just needs to give it his compelete effort at all time (I think he does this though) and needs to get stronger. His man defense could definetly improve. I think that if the Raptors are ever going to become legit NBA Championship contenders, Bosh is going to have to be able to have a big impact not only offensively, but defensively as well.

The only other glaring weakness that I notice with Bosh is something that I touched upon earlier when disscusing his strengths. What I am talking about is his unwillingness to play in the post. He has shown that he has a pretty decent post game. His spin move out of the post is lightening quick and has made many defenders look lost. Bosh needs to develop the mental toughness that it takes to play on the post. I truly don't think that he has this just yet. Take the New Jersey Nets playoff series for example. He was constantly getting pounded inside and he slowly drfited farther and farther away from the hoop. He needs to develop the mental toughness that it takes to become a great post player. He has the natural tools and abilites for a good post game, he just needs to develop the mental toughness

So feel free to counter points that I made that you feel are incorrect and also, feel free to give your own breakdown of Bosh.