Plastic Disk Cases


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When you have CD's or DVD's do you keep their cases or do you use the zippered mass storage cases?



I kinda got in an argument with my brother about this. He's got a habit of leaving just the disks out and I pointed out why even have the cd case if you dont use it. That got me thinking about how many people even use the original cd cases?


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I always leave CD's in their original case. I don't use a CD sleeve book for any music. I have all of my stuff on my iPod so that solves the problems of toting CD's around period.


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I used to use one of the Multi disk holders until it screwed quite a few of my old PS1 games. I kept the original cases ever since.


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I keep all of my movies and wii games in the original case, but PC games are always kept in one huge CD case, it's just easier I guess, I make sure to keep it well organized so I know where all of the games are.


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I say. Always go for the Original Case. If it breaks, go to bestbuy or walmart and buy a CD case.
Those CD sleeves... I would use them, but ONLY for CD's that are made in this generation. Old CD's are usually very sensitive due to the poor technology that used to make them. :lol:
Funny you should mention this.

With all the CD cases I have, my parents bought me this CD holder case. I transfered to that and it cleared up so much space. I threw out some of the cases while keeping the more "newer" ones just in case. Once I do another spring cleaning later on this year, I plan to toss those out, too.

I also plan to do the same thing with disc video games once I get the time and CD cases. =D


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I need to keep them in cases? :-o

:rotfl: Original CD cases because they look better stacked in my library. But yeah, some of our CDs are just out there when we forget to put them back or the kids think they're toys. Fun.


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I will toss out the thick cases and use the slimline jewel ones. I have 2 tower CD case holders built into my desk so I have no excuse for them lying around and with using the slim cases I can put 2 in each slot instead of the one with the thicker one.