Plans for St Patty's?


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Do you guys have any plans for St Patty's?

I'm probably just going to end up going to a pub with my brother and a few friends and have a few green beers. It sucks that it's on weekday because I'd love to celebrate it more than just have a few beers :lol:


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Other than the usual drinking of Guinness at work and maybe wearing something green that day, I won't be doing anything out of the ordinary.


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I might have a few drinks with some mates but that is about it. And I wear green at work everyday so :p


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I won't be doing anything. It's pretty much "get drunk day" and I'm not a big drinker. I imagine if I had access to it I would probably have a rum and coke after work (if I work) or something.


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I doubt I'll do anything. If I have a friend to hang out with the most I'll do is go hang out at a bar and make fun of the stupid drunks with him.


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Like my brother said I'll probably just go to a pub and have a few green beers. I've had some great St Patty's in the past, but I won't be able to get really drunk this year since I work really early the next morning.


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I work... so therefore I wont be getting drunk.

It'll just be yet another day to just have an excuse to carry around a really corny smile. Also... I dont pinch people for not wearing green. In fact I tend to clobber those who Pinch. I mean seriously... Pinching? WTF is up with that?