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Planning on building a Go-Kart


Registered Member
me and my friend. We have a welder and the appropriate tools. But were kinda going in blindly so I was wondering on things we'll need and decide before we start this. And maybe instructions would be awesome. We have a 8hp lawn mower engine that we plan to use and if there is no other way we plan on making our own frame by using a welder. We just need some guidelines or anything to help us out or some useful links.


Supreme System Lord
The first thing to make sure you have is all the protective clothing and gear, you don't want to go into somthing like this without the right safety measures.

Another stipulation is to enjoy it.


Son of Liberty
8horse? so you're not planning on going to fast then.

I've built and worked on a few Go-Karts, Sand Dunes, and otherwise all purpose buggies in my time. They are a blast, a great project to work on with friends and definitely something you can be proud of when complete.

What kind of Steel are you using? What kind of Go-Kart are you thinking of (Flat / Low Profile or Roll Caged Bubble style).

With an 8horse motor you're gonna have to keep the tires small, real small... like smaller than the standard 4" tires. I mean you could.... but its gonna be a lot of stress on that Poor motor.

What kind of Steering system do you have in there? If you wanna go simple and easy I'd recommend just a Tie Rod and Pitman Arm.

Also what kind of Welder are you using?