Movies Planet Of The Apes: What The Hell? Spoilers!!!


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So, I watched Planet Of The Apes earlier tonight, and just like every other time I've watched it, I always think "What the hell???" at the ending.

Seriously - there is no explanation for that ending! Is there something I missed?! Is there a sequel? :confused:


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Marky Mark for sure. I've never seen the original. Well, not the whole thing, anyway.

Although I do like Mark Wahlberg as an actor. I'm sure he sucked monkey nuts as a rapper though. :hah:


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OK then I don't know. I smoked way too much weed while I was watching it in an effort to make it more watchable. Apparently no amount would have worked.

sorry, man.


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Like I said in the Movie thread, I have seen both. The original one has 5 movies, I think.

Both Planet of the Apes movies ended with a surprise. However, the original movie just had a shock value and was explained in the sequels. I'm sorry but I have to spoil the original one to explain better, haha.

The 1968 film ends with the man proving that humans were capable of intelligence. Then they were allowed to escape (that was the deal) by the boss, Zaius. He knew that the humans were about to discover their destiny. Then the last scene was of the humans discovering the half buried Statue of Liberty, making them realise that in fact they were already in Earth all along, in its future, and not some other planet. Meaning, something happened in Earth at a certain period that led to a future like that (apes dominating men).

The remake ending confuses me because not only they were allowed to fly back (leave the place as if it's really in another planet), but when he gets to Earth he seems to be at present time when apes still rule. Or it could be the future, but then he would have had travelled from the past. It doesn't make sense at all. And it deviated from the original series in that sense. No wonder they never made a sequel. :lol: