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For those of you who have seen the tv show and or now movie, I was wondering what you thought.

My Playstation 3 came with a little blu-ray disc, had some game trailers as well as movie trailers and one of them was Planet Earth. The movie looked amazing, quality wise.

I was wondering what you thought of the movie because it is after all $52 and I'd hate to spend that much for it to be a dud.

Is the movie like the kind you would have seen during school? Where they give you like little information on Earth, about what the animals do, etc.

Thanks :)
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Well it says BBC, but I'm sure that's the producer or something. It looks like a great series so I think I'm going to buy it, just wanted a heads up first.



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Right, duh, BBC. Discovery hosted it here in the States.

Yeah, totally worth it, and I never buy DVDs. The photography is spellbinding and depicts some very rare scenes of life here on Planet Blueball. It was like Nat Geo mag at its best come to life for me. Think you've seen it all? Watch this stuff.


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I can agree with Tucker. I love the documentaries and have seen a surprising amount over the course of my time here on as he so lovingly put it "Planet Blueball". The documentary "Planet Earth" is spectacular, its good on DVD, and even better on BluRay High Definition.
It is so beautifully done makes you appreciate the round dirt ball we live in. And it's not like those cheesy documentaries following the life of an ant.


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Well it says BBC, but I'm sure that's the producer or something.
Never heard of the BBC? It's the British Broadcasting Corporation.

The show is amazing. Outstanding cinematography and narration. It looks absolutely gorgeous on Blu-ray. I've been fortunate enough to see an episode or two with my friends on blu-ray on a Hi-Def television.

Go for it.


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We had the Planet Earth dvd set at college and i have no idea how many times we watched it.

Absolutely amazing series. One of the best things i've ever seen on a tv screen! :D

I can't imagine how good it would be on blu-ray or HD. I'd love to see it.