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PC Games Planescape: Torment


This is The Best Game I have ever played. Similar to the Baldur's Gate games in appearance and gameplay, but got away from the typical D&D fantasy setting, taking you to a whole new multiverse--a totally immersive and intense set of worlds to explore. All the dialogue and writing is amazing, the best of any game I've played, and draws you in with choices that can influence the game in integral ways... huge benefit to playing a character with a lot of Wisdom and Intelligence (unlike most RPGs where you can hack and slash your way through with a longsword), as having high stats in those would increase your dialogue options and open up other opportunities you wouldn't normally have. The plot is dark and exciting, and elaborately interesting. Incredible graphics for it's time, and still very playable.

Highly recommend this to anyone who likes RPGs if you haven't played it already. If you did play it, what did you think about it and how did you choose to play through it?