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Plan to kill Wild Cats


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Wisconsin killing cats

The only reason they have to back it up is that they kill a supposed "143 million songbirds."

I think that it is, in every sense, wrong. I would say more about it, but I think it speaks for itself really.

It just seemed funny cuz when I saw it on the news the people supporting it did not give one reason to why the cats were ruining the environment.


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I think it is VERY wrong to do that. Cats were wild before they were domesticated. why dont they look at what humans destroy of the birds enviorments, causing them to dissappear...

then again, they might say hunting "corporations" and "polluters" is the next step


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It is really sad and wrong, must of the human race won't stop until they have killed or ruined everything on planet, then they will bitch about how it sucks because they are gone.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I don't think you guys want to get me started on the subject of killing animals. Trust me.


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I think I recall (from history class)that when the states were colonized, they killed off the bobcats. I mean look what they did to the wolves?!


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If the only reason they want to hunt wild cats is because they are killing song birds, then I say no.

If they find a much better reason for doing it, like it is causing a major imbalance in the environment and leaving them will cause more problems then removing them, then I would be OK with it.


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the article said:
The proposal would allow licensed hunters to kill free-roaming cats, including any domestic cat that isn't under the owner's direct control or any cat without a collar, just like skunks or gophers --
Two state senators -- Scott Fitzgerald and Neil Kedzie -- are promising they'll do everything they can to keep the plan from becoming law.
I know what we could do. Or at least I know what I would do. Y'all probably don't want to know what I would do... :) well TOO DAMNED BAD!... because I'm gonna tell you anyways.... :smirk:

I would put a colar and leash on my cat, get my handgun, take the cat for a walk outside, walk down the street with my cat by my feet and handgun pointed right out in front of me, and anyone who dares to shoot my cat is gonna get a whole lot of bullets embedded in their chest.

If enough people started doing that ^ then someone would get the message that Americans need to STOP WORRYING ABOUT STUPID ASS SHIT!!!!!!!!!

... but unfortunately, not everybody's as suicidal as me :(


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I really, really, really hate cats and "cat people," but I don't think they should be killed like this. However, people DO need to keep their cats on their own damn property. My neighbors have cats, and they're constantly shitting all over my yard. It's very unpleasant to be mowing the yard and step in fresh cat shit. They also have a habit of following me when I'm out washing my car or something like that, no matter how many times I squirt them. If I leave my car out on the driveway, they climb all over it.